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Touchdown, Bella Rasmussen! Female football player scores two TDs and makes history

Meet Bella Rasmussen: an 18-year-old senior running back at Laguna Beach High School. On Oct. 14, she made history as the first female to ever score two touchdowns in one varsity game in the state of California. Her team went on to win the game 48-0.

In an Instagram post, Bella said: "I accomplished something that I have been dreaming about since I was six years old. Quite honestly, it was the reason I decided to play high school football in the first place. Then I did it twice."

Football has been a passion of Bella's for as long as she can remember. According to her mother, Bella fell in love with the sport when she was just 3 years old. 

Bella is currently the only girl on her team, but that doesn't stop her from going after her dreams. When asked if there are people who question whether she should play such a physical sport (especially as running back), she told Today, "I get it all the time. 'Those boys are going to hurt you. They're not going to want you, this is a male sport.'" 

Now, after having scored four touchdowns in her high school career and breaking records with her two TDs in one game, Bella is proving these doubters wrong and showing the world what girls are really capable of.

As for what's next for Bella? She plans to study interior design at the University of Utah. That is, *after* she finishes up her senior year and helps her team to more wins, of course. Her mantra to keep her motivated and playing tough? "Be the hammer, not the nail."

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by Melanie Dowling | 10/25/2022