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Sweet Tooth

It's a given that inhaling candy can lead to cavities, and at this time of year with pillowcases overflowing with sugary treats, teeth are at major risk for decay — or at least that's what our dentists tell us.

But, according to USA Today, that's not necessarily true. It's not really about the amount of candy you eat, but instead it's about how often you eat it. In a recent article, USA Today reports that if you eat candy at mealtimes or pop only one piece, then the acid released from the treats has less time to attack your teeth.

For instance, eating 4 Butterfingers in one sitting is better for your teeth than eating 4 Butterfingers over the span of 10 hours — but that doesn’t mean you have to inhale all those sugary treats today. Eating candy once during the day means your mouth is only exposed to the acids that cause cavities for about 30 minutes to a hour.  If you pop candy into your mouth every hour, your teeth are constantly covered in acid and at higher risk for cavities — and no one likes the sound of that drill.

To keep your smile healthy, try eating candy at the end of lunch, so the amount of saliva in your mouth is increased and you have a drink to wash it down. And don’t forget to brush!

By: Adrienne Kasper 
by GL | 2/1/2016