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Gym Class

The AP recently reported that students who don't have adequate phys ed classes tend to show signs of diabetes, high cholesterol, and other health probs later in life. But lotsa kids only have less than an hour of gym a week and only two states make PE mandatory for all students.

Considering the obesity problem in the United States (17-percent of teens are obese and 32-percent are overweight), do you think kids should be running around in school more often?

Teens should be getting 45 minutes of physical activity each and every day—not just once a week—according to health officials. And just like there are different standards for how often kids should have gym, there are major differences in the types of classes offered. Some kids have access to state of the art equipment, while others have to make do just a few kickballs and worn-in facilities.

OK, so PE classes my not solve all of our country's health problems, but even 30 to 45 minutes of sports, running, or stretching in class can make a big difference in the long run.

By: Jean Lee

Blog it out: What’s your ideal gym class? How often do you have PE in school? What types of activities do you do?


by GL | 2/1/2016