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Feel Less Sore with Healthy (and Cheap) Massages!

Good news! The New York Times reports in a recent article that massage for athletes is super important, especially if you endure long practices and use the same muscles over and over. When ya work the same muscles all the time, they can become tight and prone to injury. No fun.

Ya don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional massage—you can do it yourself! For D.I.Y massage, use tennis balls to unkink sore muscles: Lie down on the floor and pop a ball under you. Gently move your back so you roll over the ball.

If you wanna get a specialized tool for massage, look for a foam roller (you can get them at Target), which is designed for massage and to help you exercise. Massaging out your muscles after exercise can stimulate blood-flow, break up scar tissue and prevent you from getting injured in the future. Bliss!


by Megan Parker | 2/1/2016