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Sister-sister love!

A super-cute story about the love/hate antics between two sisters hits theaters today. Yes, we’re talking about Ramona and Beezus. Are you going to see it?!

Sisters sure can do some of the most entertaining things—but they can also share some of your fave activities with you, too. Tell us how you and your sister (or your best friend, if you don’t have a sib) spend most of your days. And then compare them to my answers about me and my sis.

Be sure to catch Ramona and Beezus (in theaters now) and let us know your thoughts.

1. If there was a movie about you and your sister’s relationship, would it be a comedy or a drama? Why? Drama, because my sister turns everything into drama. Or maybe comedy, because her dramatic reactions are hilarious!

2. What TV show reminds you most of your sis? Bones

3. What is your fave flick to watch with your sis?
Talladega Nights

4. What’s one song your sister can always be found dancing to? "La Vie Boheme" (from RENT)

5. What celebrity would play your sister in a movie?
Dakota Fanning—they look alike!

6. Name one TV show or movie your sister has turned you onto.
Criminal Minds

7. Name three songs that remind you of your sis. "Play My Music" (from Camp Rock), "Love Bug" (by the Jonas Brothers), "Boys Boys Boys" (by Lady Gaga)

8. What TV show could you and your sister watch all day long? Friends

9. What’s something you’re looking forward to doing with your sis before summer’s over? Going back-to-school shopping together

10. What book do you and your sis both love? The Great Gatsby


by Brittany Berger | 2/1/2016