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Shop with Nanny McPhee!

Hey, girlies. GL is teaming up with Nanny McPhee to give one lucky winner an awesome prize pack!

Did you catch the first Nanny McPhee flick? The next one, Nanny McPhee Returns, comes to theaters Friday, Aug. 20, so don’t miss it!

In the latest movie, Nanny comes to help Mrs. Green while her husband is away at war. But she has to deal with a war of her own. The Green children don’t get along with their cousins, who have just moved in. Nanny McPhee decides to use her magic and enlists the help of a living statue, flying motorcycle and a few crazy farm animals to help teach the kids a few lessons. You will LOL at this new family-friendly flick, and guarantee you’ll heart this next Nanny Adventure!

Check out the Nanny McPhee trailer below…

Wanna score a sweet back-to-school shopping spree with Nanny McPhee? We’re giving ONE lucky lady the ultimate prize pack, complete with a $100 Visa Cash Card, a T-shirt, notebook, crayon wheel and lunchbox. Sweet, right? CLICK HERE for your chance to enter. Contest ends Aug. 20.

Be sure to grab the fam and head to the theater next Friday, Aug. 20, for Nanny McPhee’s big return—then come back and let us know your thoughts. And for more info on the film, CLICK HERE.

Are you a Nanny McPhee fan? Ever consider being a nanny when you’re older? Blog about it, babes.


by GL | 2/1/2016