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Rock out! Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Soundtrack

Hey Camp Rock fans! Excited for the new movie? We sure are.

Just in time for the Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam premiere, Sept. 3 on Disney Channel, comes the flick’s party-perfect soundtrack (available now). Loaded with hits from Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, along with many other familiar Camp Rock faces, the CD is exactly what is expected from the JoBros. Fun, pump up jams and sweet slower love songs fill the tracks of this cool new CD, which certainly excites us to see the movie.

Be sure to check out the energy-filled “Brand New Day” sung by Demi. It’s a great upbeat tune that will stick with you all day. We also heart “Introducing Me” sung by Nick, a really cute love song with hilarious lyrics, and “Wouldn’t Change a Thing,” a duet between Joe and Demi that reminds us why we love their characters as a couple.

The CD also contains three great bonus tracks and, when you pop it in a computer, the “It’s On” music video, exclusive interviews, and a movie photo gallery appear. Make sure to pick up your copy in time to memorize the lyrics so you can sing along with the movie when it hits TV.

Which is your favorite Camp Rock song? Blog about it, babes.


by Charlotte Johnson | 2/1/2016