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Hey, girlies! It’s Labor Day—the end of summer, the beginning of the school year—and a very patriotic day! To celebrate, we have a list of our fave flicks, songs and reads that simply scream pride. Muster these up and say sayonara to summer the sweetest way possible.
Forrest Gump (1994, PG-13)
Travel through the story of America, seeing it as Forrest Gump did. Forrest meets several famous historical figures, fights on the battlefields of Vietnam and sees several pop culture phenoms (think Elvis!).

National Treasure 1 & 2 (2004, 2007, PG)
Sure, this isn't as classical as Forrest Gump, but you learn so much about America's history (much more fun than history class!) while enjoying action, humor and romance.

Independence Day (1996, PG-13)
Sci-fi action doesn't seem patriotic at first, but a whole nation fighting together, the fireworks…it’s fun to watch!
“God Bless The USA” - Lee Greenwood
A powerful and chill-worthy song, it perfectly describes the feeling most of us can't put into words: How bee-utiful America is.

“Stars and Stripes Forever” - composed by John P. Sousa
When you hear it, you think America—from the pioneers to the fireworks. The song is filled with familiar tunes, some nice flutes and drums, and love for your home!

“Star Spangled Banner” - Francis Scott Key

Sung countless times at sports games, schools and everywhere in between, it’s a constant reminder of how we fought for our country and how lucky we are to have her today. Take off your caps off, pledge to your hometown and sing your hearts out!

Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy
That's right, Mr. President wrote a book about eight of our greatest US Senators and their acts of bravery and integrity.

The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw
Learn about America and the lives of people growing up from the roarin' 20s to WWII.Find out how America changed and grew, along with its people.
What's so Great about America? by Dinesh D'Souza
As an Indian Immigrant, D'Souza tells us through his eyes what makes the USA a truly great nation…and what sets it apart from the rest of the world.

What’s your favorite patriotic flick, read or jam? Blog about it, babes.


by Kelly Myslinski | 2/1/2016