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Beat bullies with "The Same"

It’s a new school year! How are ya holding up? It’s no mystery that bullying is still a huge issue among many schools. Are you a victim?

Well, thankfully, our new pals Michael and Marisa, a sibling pop/rock singing duo, are releasing a new EP to help tackle those bullying issues head on!

We heart this new song, titled, “The Same.” Not only is the tune catchy, but the lyrics actually have meaning behind them, too. Michael and Marisa want to help people currently being bullied and prevent future bullying from occurring. Cool, right?

With lyrics like, "I don’t know your name but I know who you are, You sit by yourself in the cafeteria, And everybody cool, They shoo you away, I’m quiet while they’re laughing," it’s clear these teens can relate to the serious issue and want to help their fellow peers stand up to it as much as possible.

Check it out and start spreading the word of this song with a fabulous cause. Want more info on Michael and Marisa? Go to their website

Have you ever dealt with a bully? How did you handle it? Blog about it, babes.


by Lauren Horn | 2/1/2016