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On DVD: The Prankster

There’s a new high school flick you’ll totally want to check out. So, watch out gals, because The Prankster is available on DVD today! This movie centers on a group of four high school seniors who right the wrongs of class by pulling detailed pranks on their peers and teachers.
Chris Karas, the leader of the pack, is a straight “A” student who, during his last semester of school, tries to suck up to the administration to score a scholarship for a top-notch university. Along with his buds, Chris plays pranks on his peers, seeing it as the best way to get through the last few months of his high school career.

But things don’t always go according to plans—especially when crushes and bullies are thrown into the mix. Love humor? You’ll definitely enjoy this film! It’s exciting and will keep you laughing ’til the very end (trust us, we did when we saw it). While some of the pranks might seem a tad unrealistic, they’re hilarious to watch. Continue the fun with the DVD extras, like deleted scenes and a behind-the-scenes commentary.

Be sure to check out The Prankster (on DVD now) and let us know your thoughts.

What’s the biggest prank you’ve ever played on someone? Blog about it, babes.


by Lauren Horn and Abby Lyon | 2/1/2016