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A CD for a cause

UNICEF, an organization whose sole mission is to help under-privileged children in over 150 countries and territories, is at it again. And while their latest effort may be a less direct form of helping those in need, it’s one where any teen can help.
UNICEF’s Children First CD, releasing tomorrow, January 11, features the likes of Antonio Banderas and groups like the Sylvia Young Theater School Children’s choir. And it’s all about the benefit of children and the need for aid.
The best part? For every CD sold, $3.00 will be donated to UNICEF to help children all over the world. That adds up pretty quickly and considering how much it costs to run such an expansive organization, every cent counts.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Children First when it drops. Your donation could help save a life.
If you could produce a charitable CD, which singers would you enlist for help? Blog about it, babes.


by Bridget Runge | 2/1/2016