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Seven OMG moments from last night's PLL

Let me explain my process of writing these articles. The morning after it airs, I watch the latest episode on my laptop on one side of the screen and an open word document in the other. You’d laugh if you saw my notes! It is filled with OMGs and lots of exclamation points.
I've been trying to narrow down my OMG moments to a simple four each week. And looking at my notes this week, I was completely unsure of how I could possibly do that. So I'm giving you a little less explanation and a few more OMGs. Without further ado...the most shocking moments of Season 2, Episode 5 "My Name is Trouble."


OMG moment 1: Ian had been dead for the entire week that he had supposedly been texting Melissa!


OMG moment 2: Allison's brother has no clue what he was doing on the night of Allison's death with a note that says "I know what you did."


OMG moment 3: Mike tried to break into the Dilaurentis house! He was the one who has been breaking into houses! OMG. Why is he such a li’l creep show?! 


OMG moment 4: Garrett paid off Logan Reed for Jenna. Could she be A?


OMG moment 5: Melissa thinks Spencer sent texts pretending to be Ian.


OMG moment 6: Hanna kisses Caleb. (YES!)


OMG moment 7: The projector in the graveyard! Allison's death wasn't on that tape.
My predictions for next week: I'm thinking that Jackie will hold knowing about Aria/Ezra over them soon. I'm also hoping that Garret is exposed as a dirty cop! Next ep title: "Never Letting Go." Tune in with me next week!
What did you think of last night's shocking episode? Blog about it, babes.


by Mary Hojnoski | 2/1/2016