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Our fave flicks to watch outdoors

Feeling like you need to shake up your summer nights? Then why not take a movie outside? Grab a projector, arm yourself with snacks and call up your buds for a summer night nobody will forget. Here are our picks, perfect to watch on the big screen in your own backyard.
When In Rome
There’s nothing like an outdoor movie to make you feel like you have traveled somewhere and watching this flick outside will make you feel like you are in the romantic city of Rome. With hilarious characters and a sweet love story, you can’t go wrong grabbing your GFs and chilling out under the stars—the ones on the screen that is.


New Moon
Yes, we know you Twihards have seen this movie a ton of times, but we bet you’ve never seen it outside before. With the warm breeze and the grass between your toes, you’ll feel like you are right there in Forks with Edward, Bella and Jacob.


Back To The Future
Mix up this 80s classic by taking it outside. Marty’s action-packed adventure will feel fresh as it gets taken out to a new venue.


Romeo + Juliet
Loved Titanic? Then you will love seeing a little Leonardo DiCaprio in this remake of Shakespeare’s classic play. This romantic flick is even set in modern-day Verona Beach, making it a great movie for watching outside on a warm summer night. Just make sure you have a box of Kleenex on hand!


Dear John

A beautiful beach, a sweet love story and a shirtless, surfing Channing Tatum. Yum! Have a party with this flick and make sure to get a seat next to your crush for this romantic drama.
What’s one movie you would love to watch outdoors? Blog about it, babes.
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by Catie Curry | 2/1/2016