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Critics' Pick: Greyson Chance's debut

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Greyson Chance’s debut album, Hold On ‘Til The Night, releases next week (Aug. 2) and everyone here at GL just can’t stop buzzing about it!

“It’s about going through a relationship,” Greyson recently told us about the album. “You’re at this point and you’re so in love. [Then] she breaks your heart. You’re going through all these mixed feelings, but at the end of the record I’m saying, ‘I’m moving on.’ It’s very relatable, it’s real and it’s very dramatic.”
This soulful sweetie brings out the perfect mix of fun, poppy dance tracks and gentle ballads, tied together with music and lyrics that only prove just how talented he is. From the very first track, “Waiting Outside the Lines,” Greyson encourages people to go for their dreams—just like he did. You will also love to know some of his other hits are on there, like “Unfriend You”, along with a bunch of new tunes you’ll heart just as much.

There is something for every occasion on this album. If you’re chilling in your room, there is a track for that. Recently broke up with your BF? Greyson has you covered. Whether you’ve been a fan of Greyson’s from the very beginning, or taking a listen to his music for the very first time, you will want to listen to Hold On ‘Til The Night again and again.

Be sure to check out Greyson’s album when it hits iTunes and stores Tuesday, Aug. 2. Then come back and let us know your favorite track.

Wanna catch Greyson on the road? He’ll be touring with Miranda Cosgrove ALL summer long. CLICK HERE to see where the cutie’s headed next.

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by Catie Curry | 2/1/2016