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Four OMG moments from last night's PLL

Holy creepy cow! I am usually pretty hard to shake, but last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars was kind of scary towards the end. I loved it! Anyways, how did you all sleep after that? I hope you weren't sleeping with one eye open looking out for the walking dead. Here are my top OMG moments from last night's epic ep!

OMG moment 1: The Liars finally see Garrett as his true icky self. Well, we finally saw the Lace Jenna bought last season. The Liars caught her kissing Officer Garrett with the lights on and the shade up! Really? Do all of the not-so-legal couples on this show have no shame?

OMG moment 2: Steroids. 'A' was putting steroids into Em's pain cream! Congrats to the girlie who called this one in the comments last week. Do we have a secret psychic here? If so, please let us in on who 'A' is, babe! ;) 

OMG moment 3: Wren is back for realz (and still thinks plants solve everything). Wow, both Spencer and Aria have two guys vying for their respective attentions. But I like Spencer's options a lot better! I like Wren, but Toby is the guy for Spence.

OMG moment 4: Morgue scene = creepiest thing ever. Hearing Spencer say, curved blunt edge with enough force to dent her head and that Alison was buried alive. AND when that “body” sat up and came at the camera! “A” was probably in the room the entire time under that sheet. *shivers*

What did you gals think of last night's episode? Blog about it, babes!


by Mary Hojnoski | 2/1/2016