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Celebs who love their little sis

Call it the “Pippa Effect,” but 2011 was certainly the year for little sisters to take reign. Anyone with a little sis knows that she can go from being your BFF one day to your worst enemy the next.

But the holidays are the perfect time to lighten up and strengthen that sisterly bond. Check out our fave celeb sisters—and let go already of that time your sis borrowed your favorite sweatshirt without asking!

Elizabeth Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been famous since birth, so it was a bit hard for Elizabeth to make a name for herself. But talent is still in her blood, and Elizabeth has made it big with independent films, such as Martha Marcy May Marlene, which was shown at an indie film fest. Since the twins have been out of the acting scene lately, Elizabeth is a fresh Olsen face going in a totally new direction.

Sisterly Tip: When Elizabeth comes home for the holidays, she plans on cooking up a storm with her sisters. Get inspired and have a baking day of your own with your sis. You can make all kinds of yummy goodies the fam will enjoy, but chances are, you’ll have even more fun hanging out with your sister!

Elle Fanning

The 13-year-old Super 8 star shares everything from her love of fashion to a fascination with Criminal Minds with her older sis, Dakota, so it’s only natural she would follow in her footsteps to the big screen. Her first role may have been an infant version of Dakota, but since then, she has moved into roles of her own that show off her seriously fab acting skills.

Sisterly Tip: Dakota just moved to New York in her own apartment, but the sibs love to catch up together with their fave TV shows when they do see each other. Spend the day with your sister watching or doing something just the two of you love! Elle’s latest movie, We Bought a Zoo, hits theaters later this month, so why not take your sis?

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

The older Kardashian sisters may have a media empire, but the Jenner girls aren’t in their shadows anymore! Both Kendall and Kylie entered the fashion world this year by modeling on the runway and, of course, you’ll always see them on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Sisterly Tip: The Kardashian/Jenner clan is close, to say the least, and Kendall and Kylie are lucky enough to get advice from their older sisters. If you have a little sis, try helping her out with something your parents can’t, like putting together the perf outfit or giving her guy advice. If you’re the little sis, don’t be afraid to turn to your big sib for pointers.

Which celeb sib are you loving this moment? Blog about it, babes.

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by Rachel Nugent | 2/1/2016