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Our top 10 Bella moments

Only one week until The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits theaters! We’re totally tearing up over the end of our fave vamp series, so we had to take a moment to look back at the on-screen moments that have stuck out the most.
It was super tough, but we’ve got our 10 favorite scenes from all the flicks (minus Breaking Dawn - Part 2, of course). From romantic kisses to just-in-time rescues, it’s the best of the best. Did your fave make the list?


Did your fave moment make the list? What scene are you must excited for in Part 2? Blog about it, babes.

  • 1encounter.jpg

    A First Encounter

    Love at first sight…or maybe not! When Bella first sees Edward Cullen in the cafeteria, things seem a bit awkward as he stares her down. Things only get worse when it’s time for biology. Remember when Bella was worried she smelled bad after Edward seemed repulsed by her? We couldn’t stop laughing!

  • 2rescue.jpg

    Saved from Danger

    This was one of the first heart-racing scenes of the series, and we just loved it. Bella is just casually walking out to her truck, when she sees Edward standing across the parking lot. Before she knows it, Eric’s van is headed straight towards her. The van skids right up to her and…nothing, she’s safe! Bella realizes there’s something strange about her bio partner, and she’s determined to figure it out.

  • 3dangeragain.jpg

    Saved from Danger…again!

    We promise this list won’t be entirely rescue moments, but we couldn’t resist including this scene. When Bella is in Port Angeles with friends, she runs into a spot of trouble when some guys corner her in a secluded area. Then out of nowhere, Edward shows up in his silver Volvo, ready to whisk her away to safety. Whew!

  • 4smooch.jpg

    World’s Slowest Smooch

    It seemed like we had to wait forever for the pair to finally seal the kissing deal, but it was totally worth it. Up in Bella’s room together, they lean in for their first smooch…and don’t end up locking lips until what seems like five minutes later!

  • 5moviedate.jpg

    Third Wheel Movie Date

    This was definitely one of the funniest and most awkward moments of the series! When Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, our girl is distraught. She takes refuge with our fave werewolf, Jacob, and slowly becomes better. We couldn’t help but giggle when Bella ends up going to the movies with two guys who have a huge crush on her. The best was when they both tried to get her to hold hands, putting their palms face-up on the arm rests!

  • 6vampirecity.jpg

    Vampire City

    This scene was definitely intense, with both Bella and Edward’s lives on the line. Eddie thinks his ex-GF has died, and is beside himself with grief. With Bella gone, he can’t think of anything to do but end his own life. The clock is ticking and only Bella can save Edward before he shows the whole city of Volterra that he is a vampire…and pay the price when he faces the Volturi’s consequences.

  • 7spoon.jpg

    Werewolf Snuggle Sesh

    Sure, this scene was awkward, but it was plenty sweet, too. We know all you Team Jacob gals loved it! The night before the big vampire showdown, Bella, Edward and Jacob are stuck sleeping in a tent together. Things turn serious when Bella starts shivering, and can’t stop. The only solution? For the hot-blooded werewolf to warm her up…right in front of her BF!

  • 8fiercesmooch.jpg

    World’s Fiercest Smooch

    Unlike her first kiss with Edward, Bella wastes no time locking lips with Jacob. Outside the tent the next morning, Bella and Jake confront each other with their feelings. Suddenly, they’re completely going at it, faces smashed together and everything.

  • 9bellsforbella.jpg

    Wedding Bells for Bella

    From the décor to the dress, everything about the Cullen wedding was absolutely perfect. We also loved how Jake even showed up for a bit! It was great to see Edward and Bella’s relationship finally be sealed as a marriage, and have their family and friends celebrating it with them.

  • 10girl.jpg

    It’s a girl!

    While Bella’s pregnancy with Renesmee had plenty of ups and downs, in the end it was all worth it…right? Of course, the movie ends practically right after the birth of Renesmee, so we’ll have to wait until Part 2 to see how everyone is doing, especially new mom and new vampire, Bella.

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by Katie Lemon | 2/1/2016