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One more reason to heart Shaun White (that doesn't involve the Olympics)


The newest rock band from L.A. is ready to make their mark on the music industry. Bad Things’ self-titled debut album lands on shelves today—and we can’t stop listening to it. Take a closer look at this rock band and you’ll see a familiar face. Professional skateboarder and snowboarder Olympian Shaun White is the lead guitarist for the group, proving he’s just as skilled in the studio as he is on a board. Get ready to add this gang to all of your playlists this winter. We’re listing our five fave songs from the album below. 


The second track of the album has amazing guitar riffs and a beat that will be stuck in your head for days. Plus, it’s hard not to love the idea of getting over someone who isn’t good for you. Perfect. Breakup. Tune.

“Caught Inside”

This jam is mellower than the others and gives a more personal feel about a relationship that is full of lies and how hard it can be to face the truth. It’s must-listen for anyone who has gone through something similar.


Itching for a tune that will force ya to get up and move around? This is your answer. We love the upbeat feeling this song has and how it’s about holding your head up high and keeping the faith.


Hello, weekend. We’re always waiting for our fave day of the week to come around and this will make those other days go quicker. You’ll be jamming to this with all of your buds in no time.

“End of the Road”

We love the adventurous feeling this song puts us in. The steady beat is a plus…not to mention that the lyrics also talk about loving yourself and not needing to be in a relationship!

Be sure to check out Bad Things (in stores now!) then come back and share your favorite track. 

Are you a fan of Shaun White? Interested to see him as a musician? Share in the comments below.


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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016
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