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7 music collabs we wanna hear right now

When GL got word that Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone hit the studio together, our jaws dropped. It was def some of the best news we heard all week! And it got us thinking about other crazy talented music-making celebs that we would L-O-V-E to see combine forces to make one absolutely awesome song. Check out the artists who we think would pair just as perfectly as bacon and eggs, fries and ketchup and PB&J.

MKTO & Demi Lovato

Demi’s tunes already showcase her killer songwriting skills and incredible vocal range. But if we threw a few rap verses in there and some harmonies, a la MKTO, that would take Demi’s songs to a whole new level. Plus, an As the Bell Rings reunion between Demi and Tony Oller would make us seriously swoon.

Becky G & Little Mix

There would be so many GL cover babes in this collab, we aren’t sure we’d be able to handle it! But we’d still love to see (and hear!) whatever would come out of this mash up. Jesy from Little Mix already has beat boxing down pat and everyone knows Becky is a fierce rap goddess, so we’re thinking a rap collab needs to happen ASAP.

Hot Chelle Rae & Cher Lloyd

Hot Chelle Rae always throws something unexpected into their cheeky tunes, and our girl Cher has enough attitude to fill an ocean. A collab between these two musical powerhouses would make everyone stop and stare. Plus, the HCR guys and Cher were tour mates back in the day, so a reunion is def long overdue.

Emblem3 & Megan and Liz

In Nashville, Megan and Liz cover everything from Jason Derulo to Taylor Swift, all while creating catchy hits of their own. Back on the west coast, Emblem3 rock out on stage every night with their eclectic rock-rap-reggae inspired songs. The girls are mellow, while the E3 dudes are full of energy and we’re thinkin’ that if these groups teamed up, the outcome would be a blissful balance between their unique sounds.

Lorde & Haim

Lorde is our go-to gal for moody, mysterious, electronic music and Haim is there when we need to listen to hypnotizing rocker-chick vibes. All these girls have one thing in common, though: they’re fiercely independent ladies who have changed the music industry for the better. So why not change the industry even more by hitting the studio together? We think that would be such a winning combo.

Bea Miller & Pharrell Williams

Whether it’s his own songs or one he’s producing for a pal, Pharrell has a magic touch. Then there’s Bea Miller’s constantly changing hair colors (teal, purple, blonde—we can’t keep track!) and “say what you want” attitude, which proves she’s no ordinary pop star. There’s no doubt in our minds that this collab would yield some feisty and chart-topping songs.

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift

It seems like every week we get word that this bandana-wearing Brit has written a brand new tune. He’s worked with Snow Patrol, One Republic and the legendary John Legend. Most recently, one of Harry’s signature songs was even snatched up by the adorbs Ariana Grande. Clearly he has what it takes to roll with the best of ‘em, and since H and T are friends now we think they def have potential to write some fab lyrics together.

Which musical collab would you like to see happen? Share in the comments below.


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by Sydney Adamson | 2/1/2016