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Move on to Better Days with Caroline Glaser's new EP

Looking to spice up your newest playlist? Lucky for you, we listened to Caroline Glaser’s new EP, Better Days Vol. 2, and it’s totally GL-approved. This contestant from season 4 of The Voice has got some serious talent, and her indie-folk sound gives off nothing but good vibes. With six new songs (double her last EP!) we think you’re gonna become a fan right away—just check out why we’re loving her new tunes below.

“By The Bay”

As soon as we heard the sound of waves crashing, we knew we would love this. Paired with some beautiful lyrics about love and one of the sweetest voices we’ve ever heard, “By The Bay” was a great way to start off this new EP. Caroline even goes on to sing some lines from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”—a lovely finish to an even lovelier song!

“I Tried”

Go right from a sweet love song to a surprisingly sweet breakup jam. That’s right, Caroline even manages to make a rough breakup sound beautiful and romantic. Most of us can relate to this one, and all of us can heart this totally unique sound.

“Morning Light”

Talk about a pick-me-up! We’ve all wanted to get away from home for a while, and with her “heart in her hands, feet on the ground,” Caroline puts the feeling of being wanderlust into a song. We love the upbeat tune of the instruments and just can’t get enough of this girl’s voice.


One word: Goosebumps. We’ve all got that person we’d do absolutely anything for, and this song will totally make you think of them. Perfect for a rainy day or a relaxing trip in the car, “Shipwrecked” is a mix of sad and feel-good sounds.

“Better Days”

More amazing lyrics, more beautiful instrumentals, and we must say Caroline totally outdoes herself with the vocals on this one. It starts with an almost eerie feel, but that only draws you in to the sweet, gentle sounds Caroline creates so well. The EP must be named “Better Days” for a reason—this song totally shows everything Caroline’s got!

“Dream Of You”

Save the best for last, right? As much as we love the other tunes, “Dream Of You” just hits all the right sweet spots. “I only run to fill my tennis shoes, and I only sleep to dream of you.” We’re gushing over these adorable lyrics! You’ll have this simple little love song on repeat before you know it.

Be sure to check out Better Days Vol. 2 when it drops this Tuesday, Sept. 16, then come back and share your thoughts. 

Are you going to check out Caroline Glaser’s new EP? Are you a fan of The Voice? Let us know in the comments below.


by Aly Dvorak | 2/1/2016