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6 movie pets we'd love to adopt

We love pets so much at GL that sometimes we invite them into our office (if you don’t follow @bywinniethepug on Instagram you must immediately)! Today, we decided to show a little love to our furry friends by making a post on two of our favorite things: cute animals and movies. Get ready to run to your nearest animal shelter ASAP. These are six movie pets we’d love to adopt.


Which movie pet would you love to adopt in real life? Share in the comments below.

  • bruiser.jpg

    Bruiser Woods / Legally Blonde

    Everyone’s favorite Chihuahua made our list because not only is he too cute to handle, he is also the perfect accessory. When Elle puts him in her purse, his mad style radiates and all eyes are on him (not to mention his jewelry is better than ours). Work it, Bruiser!

  • sven.png

    Sven / Frozen

    Sorry, Rudolph. Sven’s def our fave reindeer these days. He’s basically like having a dog— just bigger, stronger, and is a 24/7 sidekick. We’d be more than happy to adopt him. Maybe he can have his own office at the GL HQ….

  • abu.png

    Abu / Aladdin

    Although he spends most of his time scheming (minor flaw), Abu is extremely loyal—he’s willing to risk his life to save Aladdin from harm’s way. Now that’s what we call a magnificent monkey.

  • dug.jpg

    Dug / Up

    He’s ADORABLE. End of story.

  • flounder.jpg

    Flounder / The Little Mermaid

    Flounder is that epic voice of reason whenever you’re about to do anything that just might get you into trouble. Some might say Flounder is a wuss, but def not in our book. He’s super responsible and always wants to help his friends out of trouble. Talk about the best pet ever!

  • pussinboots.png

    Puss in Boots / Shrek

    Move over, Garfield. There’s a new cat in town! Puss in Boots is pretty much the coolest cat in history: that voice, those big adorable eyes, the fact that he wears boots—BOOTS!


by Melanie White | 2/1/2016