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Brooke Hummel's "Cruel" will break your heart


Newcomer Brooke Hummel isn't actually so new to the music game. A singer since she was young, she's always been passionate about listening to and creating new tunes, but when she met Jermaine Spencer of BNR Records A&R, she started to make her passion her profession.

Signed in May 2014 and hard at work ever since, Brooke's finally ready to share the songs that are in her heart—including "Cruel," a super important song about bullying.

"I'm so in love with this song," the 16 year old shared. "Not only was it based off of personal experience, others can relate to it as well. Every single person has experienced some type of hate or bullying."

It's true. According to, at least a quarter of school-aged kids have struggled with bullying, both online and in person, and the harmful effects can last into adulthood. With "Cruel," Brooke is hoping to send the message that this isn't okay.

"Hopefully, when this song and video is released it will start opening some eyes and hearts," Brooke said. "A good song is one you feel."

We've got your first look at Brooke's new video. Check it out below.

What did you think of Brooke's ballad? Have you ever faced bullying—and how did you stand up to it?

Photo credit: Kenya B


by Chelsea Duff | 2/22/2016