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It's official: Fuller House is finally here!


We've been counting down the days and it's *finally* February 26–which means that Netflix's new show, Fuller House, is sitting in our viewing queue, just waiting to be watched.

With almost the entirety of the original cast returning, plus some newbies playing DJ and Kimmy's kids, we already know this show is going to be awesome. If it has even half the charisma of the original Full House, it'll still be beyond hilarious.

If you're just like us, then you've also been through the stages of getting ready for Fuller House—and it went a little something like this.

1. Reminding everyone that DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy are finally coming back.


2. Getting ready for the big night.


3. Heading over to your friend's house.


4. Gathering all your favorite TV-watching snacks.


5. Dancing and singing along to the theme song. Everywhere you look, everywhere you look...


6. Falling in love with Uncle Jesse all over again.


7. And having the most flawless night ever.


8. Cheers!


Hey, Fuller House: You've still got it, dude.


Are you watching  Fuller House?


by Alexa Matthews | 2/26/2016
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