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Exclusive: Tonight's new BUNK'D gets extraterrestrial


We're ready for spring break, so thank god Disney Channel's BUNK'D always gives us the mini-vacay we need. In tonight's new ep, things get a little wacky at Camp Kikiwaka after the kids think they spot a UFO.

Not long after that, a new kid shows up—and he's totally cute. But while he and Zuri get their flirt on, BFFs Jorge and Tiffany are woried that he might be out of this world (and not in the good way).

Check out our exclusive clip below.

According to Skai Jackson, the actress behind Zuri, Jorge and Tiffany might be onto something. "I feel like aliens would look like normal people," she told us. "They might want to take over the earth, and to do that people can't know they are aliens!!! But I would hope they would look a little different so we would know who's who!"

Don't miss out on the action! Tune in to tonight's episode on Disney at 8:00 p.m. to catch Zuri and her new crush.

Do you believe in aliens? What do you think extraterrestrial life looks like?

Photo credit: Disney


by Chelsea Duff | 3/11/2016
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