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Exclusive: Get your first look at Bizaardvark!


We told you just a few days ago about Disney Channel's newest show, Bizaardvark, and now we've got your exclusive first look.

Bizaardvark, premiering June 24, stars funny girls Madison Hu and Olivia Rodriguez as Frankie and Paige, besties and creators of their own Internet web series. On their channel, they share all kinds of silly songs—and once they rack up 10,000 subscribers, they're invited to take their work to Vuuugle Studios. With fellow web series stars Dirk (Jake Paul) and Amelia (DeVore Ledridge) and kid agent Bernie (Ethan Wacker), things are going to get, well, bizaardvark.

Check out the clip below.

What do you think so far? Will you give Bizaardvark a shot when it premieres in June?

Photo credit: Disney Channel


by Chelsea Duff | 4/29/2016
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