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Get your first look at the new Girls' Life with Sofia Carson!

We can't wait for you to read our amazing June/July issue, hitting newsstands and mailboxes starting May 17! Here's a peek at what's happening inside...

Sofia Carson is reaching for the stars as she takes on her next big projects: four movies, one debut album and her college career. We chatted with the Disney darling about chasing after her dreams, meeting her idol and the importance of family QT.

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Shine bright
Rock the colors of the wind by mixing ocean blues, sunshine yellow and floral fuchsia. Whether you're hitting the beach or the mall, these eye popping pretties are perfect for any occasion.

Get on board
Are you more skater cool or surfer cas? Dual-sport athlete Jordyn Barratt spills on how to combine both looks into one edgy-chic style, all while hanging ten.

Bikini beauty babes
Fun fringe? Check. Popsicle pout? Check. Bold blocking? Check! We've got all the trends you need to try—plus easy how-to tricks.

Solve your summer sitches
We're busting every beauty issue you can even image and washing in-grown hairs, frizzy curls and bacne out with the waves.

All's fair
It's not easy being creamy-complexioned. One GL editor tells how she learned to feel golden—even when her skin was less than.

Summer lovin'
Wing-woman for the win, keep-in-touch tips and date-dilemma done away with. We've got your complete guide to a summer of guys.

Love makes you nuts
What happens when a single kiss can be lethal? One girl shares her story of dating and duds in the age of allergies.

How to guarantee your best year ever
Want better grades, a new look, an impressive resumé—or even a boyfriend? Take on these makeover-missions and become a whole new you before summer even sets.

Dealing with dad—your complete guide
Pop problems are easily solved with this handy how-to. After all, he'll always be the #1 guy in your life.

Finding Maggie
This teen talks her struggle with her weight, her battle with a serious illness and how it all lead to being comfortable in her own skin.

Make your summer work for you
Whether you're a buisness babe or DIY darling, you're ready to rake in the dough. But what kind of job is right for you? This quiz'll help you find your way.

16 things to do before you turn 16
We share our ultimate bucket list for the birthday that's the sweetest. What's on your 16x16? Sound off in the comments below.

What's the deal with down-there?
Don't sweat it if you're sweating: It's totally normal, and so are these other down-there "dilemmas."

Cycling skills
Ready to become a biking babe? Hit the trails, the streets or your nearest gym for the combo workout you've been craving.

Starry nights out
Glamping: It's easier than you think. All you need is a blanket fort, campfire stories and *these* snacks.

PLUS: The sandals written in the stars, manic madlibs, flirty things to say to your crush and how to bring out your animal aesthetic. It's all in the brand-new GL. Snag your copy now!




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Page 48: All the brillz beauty essentials you could want—plus the benefits of SPF.

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Page 84: Get a gourmet GORP recipe for all your sleepover needs.

Page 85: The quilt craft to try with your best girls.


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Photos credit: Jordyn Barratt, Dove Cameron, Maggie Royce, Jake Paul, Disney Channel


by GL | 5/13/2016