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Tayler Buono turned her texts into a tune with "Technically Single"

Heard of YouTube babe Tayler Buono? If not, now is the time to get this talented girl on your radar. She's currently YouTube's best kept secret–er, well, maybe not so much, considering her cover of the Biebs' "Sorry" has over 4 million views. Her brand new original song and music video "Technically Single" is on it's way to being just as popular.

Tayler based the track on her own experience in a super confusing relationship. Ya know, where you're not officially official with someone, but want to be. She knew that if she wanted something solid, honesty was the best policy:

"I finally decided to tell him straight up how I felt. Then I basically just read my text messages and put them in the song," Tayler spilled to GL. Brb, scrolling through all of our texts with our dudes for lyric inspo.

As for the video–which Tay says look *less than an hour* to film–features her super edgy look and electric feel (another thing we're loving). One watch and we have a feeling you'll have it on loop all day long, just like us.

In no time, so will everyone else, too: the track landed the #2 spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist and recently made the list for Billboard’s Editors’ Picks list.

Have you heard of Tayler before? What do you think of her new music video for "Technically Single?"

Photo credit: Tayler Buono.

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by Sarah Fritz | 7/9/2016