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The Miley Survey

In honor of the release of Miley’s latest album, Breakout, we’re doing a little survey about gal of the moment (the year? The decade?) Miley Ray Cyrus! Get ready to spill, girl…

1.    Has your opinion about Miley changed since “Mileygate”, aka the Vanity Fair picture scandal?

2.    Do you like Miley the same, more or less than you did last year at this time?

3.    Do you plan to see the Hannah Montana movie when it is released next year?

4.    Who do you think is the next celeb to take Miley’s place as Teen Queen?

5.    Your favorite thing about Miley is______. Your least favorite thing about Miley is______.

Post your responses below and see what other GL gals are sayin’…

7/23/2008 6:06:00 PM