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Best Friends Whenever will *not* be returning for a third season

After the finale of season two, "Revenge of the Past," aired in December, Best Friends Whenever fans were anxiously waiting to hear that the show would be renewed for a third season. Unfortunately, yesterday, the cast of the quirky show confirmed the rumors that BFW has, in fact, been canceled. 

The reason? Disney Channel hasn’t made any sort of statement as to why the show was canceled just yet. Though some viewers have heavily critiqued it, the show definitely had a loyal fan base that will miss the creative and fun series.

As it turns out, the cast had actually known about the decision since December but weren’t allowed to break the news until now. The beloved BFW actors and actresses took to social media to say their goodbyes and all of them thanked their fans for their abundance of support. Matt Royer, who played Chet, said, "You guys are the reason we came to be such an amazing show." And Ricky Garcia (Naldo) said, "Thank you all so much for the support. BFW forever❤️."  

Many of them also thanked the executive producers Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas for their work including Landry Bender (aka Cyd), who wrote an emotional Tumblr post: 

"First off, HUGE thank you to Jed and Scott (our leaders/work dads) for a multitude of things. I’ve grown so much as an actor and even more as a person through them hiring my barely 14 year old self and trusting me to be a part of an ensemble with some of the most comically talented teenagers I know. They made it a routine to have 'writer’s lunch' every Friday where we got to eat upstairs in the production office and get giddy about future storylines, something I’ve been told 'kids' shows don’t do. And there were of course SO many other people behind and in front of that show who I adore, who without I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and who I’m sure will attend my wedding someday. This show was my high school, the best one a girl could dream of. And even though we’ll all move on to different projects, being able to say I grew up with people is something I’ll forever cherish."

Bryana Salaz (who played Daisy), a new addition to the show in its second season, said in an Insta post: "Ill never forget this experience. these people. to be able to grow as not only an actress but as a person, surrounded by these guys, SOOO amazing. ahhhh i love you guys so so so much." 

This cancellation is overwhelming, especially considering we are still a little shook over the announcement that Girl Meets World would not be returning for a fourth season. That news came in January and, like the cast of Best Friends Whenever, the GMW cast took to social media to share their thoughts on the news.

Even though we won’t be getting a third season of Best Friends Whenever, we have to look on the bright side: We still got two awesome seasons following the time traveling besties and we'll be seeing Ricky in a new vampire-based Disney Channel series sometime this year with his Forever in Your Mind bandmates, Emery Kelly and Liam Attridge.

Were you a BFW fan? What character will you miss most? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin


by Maddie Smith | 2/27/2017
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