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MaeMae Renfrow gives us the scoop on Nick's new Hunter Street

We've got a new show to add to your watch list, girls! It's Nickelodeon's Hunter Street and it stars newcomer MaeMae Renfrow. If you missed the premiere on Monday, allow us to fill you in.

MaeMae plays Tess Hunter, one of five foster kids who live in amazing Amsterdam. After their parents mysteriously disappear, it's up to Tess and her foster brothers and sister to find them—and it's a quest that takes them on quite an adventure. The show airs weeknights at 7 p.m. on Nick, but until the next ep, learn more about the show and Tess *straight* from MaeMae herself.

Girls' Life: Without giving too much away, tell us a little bit about the show!
MaeMae Renfrow: It's a mystery show with a *lot* of comedy and adventure. The show takes place in beautiful Amsterdam and is about five foster kids who have to come together and solve the mystery of their missing parents.

GLTess seems like such a fun character to play. Are you two similar in any ways?
MR: The best part about playing Tess was the Hunter family...I grew up as an only child so I loved having brothers and sisters for the show. We are very similar! We are both sarcastic and witty but also guarded and fiercely protective of the people we love.

GLWhich character (besides yours!) is your favorite and why?
MR: Anika, played by Kyra Smith, is my favorite because I love her energy and how she helps keep everything light and playful!

GL: The set is *so* gorgeous! What was your fave thing to do during your down time?
MR: The other kids and I would sing between shots and I really loved that—it helped us bond. When I have some down time, I play my Nintendo 3DS.

GL: Besides acting, you also have experience modeling. Which do you prefer?
MR: Although they are both artistic skills, they are very different from each other. I prefer acting because I can use my life experience in the characters I play. Also, I love working with other actors and creating as a team.

Catch MaeMae on Hunter Street weeknights at 7 p.m. on Nickelodeon. 

Have you seen Hunter Street yet? If so, who's your fave character so far?


by Maddie Smith | 3/18/2017
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