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High school gets *way* weird for Kelly Hankins in Mamaboy

High school just got a *lot* weirder for Kelly Hankins. Why? Well, he's, ah, pregnant.

Don't rub your eyes. Don't grab your glasses. Don't blink. You didn't read that wrong—yes, a boy is pregnant. In the upcoming flick Mamaboy, Kelly's (Sean O'Donnell) world turns upside down when he finds out that his girlfriend, Lisa (Alexandria DeBerry), is pregnant. Things get even crazier when the Butterhill High heartthrob hatches a plan to let his uncle perform one of his haphazard experiments on him and Kelly ends up as the one preggo instead. Oops...

Kelly thought he was prepared to take on the cray-cray experience, but what he doesn't bargain for is having to hide his uncharacteristic (yet hilarious!) appetite, mood swings and ever-expanding stomach from his bandmates, his pals on the varsity baseball team and, well, his entire school. 

Peep the movie trailer below for more deets and LOLs.

Want to see the flick? CLICK HERE to pre-order on iTunes before it's released on May 23. Then, click through the exclusive behind-the-scenes photos below!

  • pregsilo.jpg

    A pregnant boy is definitely not something we've ever seen...until now.

  • sean_bts.jpg

    Rest assured, though, the belly is just a prop. PSA: Sean O'Donnell is not *actually* preggo!

  • allie.jpg

    Alexandria DeBerry plays Lisa, Kelly's girlfriend in the film. Look familiar? You might know her from the Disney Channel's series A.N.T. Farm.

  • dylan_at_prom.jpg

    Meanwhile, looks like someone—aka Milton (Dylan Riley Snyder)—senses something is up with Kelly...

  • sean_mikey_dylan.jpg

    Rest assured, Sean, Michael Eric Reed (who plays Ditto) and Dylan were all laughs behind the scenes.

  • sean_with_monkey.jpg

    Sean kicking it on set with one of his castmates 😂. In the flick, Kelly's uncle practices his out-of-the-box experiment on his monkey before he performs it on Kelly.

  • mikey_and_monkey.jpg

    It seems like everyone loved chilling with the pro actor, including Michael.

  • allie_with_monkey.jpg

    We're not kidding guys—everyone loves this monkey! 🙊

  • preg_measure.jpg

    Wanna know all the monkey business that goes down in Mamaboy? You'll just have to watch the flick when it comes out on May 23 to find out!

by Sydney Adamson | 4/23/2017
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