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Exclusive: Meet the fierce girl behind MECH-X4's Veracity!

Calling all science lovers!

On Monday's episode (7:30 a.m. on Disney XD), the girl behind Harris' longtime rival, Veracity, is finally unveiled when the pair compete to win the Harper Grant at the science fair, a true test of who's smarter than who.

We have a feeling Veracity will kick butt at the fair—but the real winner here is us, because we get to meet such an awesomely-smart and strong female character. Alyssa Jirrels, who plays the smartie, says, "I think people will love Veracity for the same reasons I love her: you will never catch her apologizing for who she is, she knows she is immensely powerful in a lot of unique ways and she is proud of it. I think everyone (especially us girls) can learn from that." We concur! Also dope? Veracity is here to stay, so get ready for an extra dose of girl power this season.

So, what do the boys of MECH-X4 think of Veracity?

"MECH-X4 fans will love having a strong female character like Veracity on the show. The pure girl power of Veracity's character definitely adds to the MECH-X4 team," says Nathaniel Potvin (Ryan). "She is super smart, tenacious and definitely matches her name 'veracity' (which means 'accurateness'). She's awesome!"

Kamran Lucas (Harris) says that even though their characters butt heads, they're actually chiller than you think. "Harris and Veracity have a giant rivalry to see who is the smartest kid in town, but deep down, they both have a spark for each other and find a friendship in one another."

So sweet! Check out the new episode of MECH-X4 when it airs Monday, April 24 at 7:30 a.m. Want more MECH-X4? Catch it every Monday-Thursday at 7 a.m. anywhere you watch Disney XD.

What's your favorite thing about science? Have you ever competed in the science fair? Sound off below!

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by Sydney Adamson | 4/22/2017
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