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5 reasons to watch L2M's YouTube Red show Hyperlinked

Meet L2M, your ultimate new #girlpower band. The group, composed of five fearlessly talented girls, should be on your watch list—literally. Today, their brand new show Hyperlinked hit YouTube Red and it's the bingeable, smart show you *need* to start your summer. 

In the show, the band—Mariangeli, Tati, Jenna, McKenzie, Lexi and Jenna—play fun versions of themselves who come together to code and create their own website by girls for girls. These girls are smart, stylish and supportive of one another—and so sweet! 

Wanna get to know each of them individually? Click through below to meet the girls.

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    Get it, girl
    "In Hyperlinked, we code a lot, and usually that's a thing for boys," Jenna (left) says. "But we prove that girls can do it too because we create a website with funny videos, cool quizzes and it's just really awesome!"

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    One in the same
    "Me and my character are *so* similar," Tati (third from left) says. "She's on the dance team in the show and we both do karate. It's cool, too, because she's very energetic and bubbly just like me, and she wants to support her friends!"

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    Get real
    "We discuss stereotypes a *lot*," Mariangeli (left) explains, "whether it's because of your age, your gender or whatever. Having to deal with society makes it that much more important to believe in yourself."

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    Singing, dancing or acting?
    "I do love to sing, act and dance but, if I had to choose I would pick singing," Mackenzie (right) gushes. "I’ve done that all my life and I’ve just always been so passionate about it. I love it so much!"

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    "I would say that we are definitely squad goals!" Lexi Drew (second from right) says. "We pretty much know everything about each other and can finish each other's sentences."

    Hyperlinked is available now on YouTube Red.

by Clarissa Latman | 5/31/2017
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