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5 of the *sweetest* father-daughter moments from Andi Mack!


If you're like us, you've been loving Andi Mack! One of our favorite parts of the series has been watching Andi bond with her dad, Bowie, who she (spoiler alert!) just met for the first time. In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, we picked some of our fave moments the pair have shared. Click through the slideshow to see all of the sweet mems and make sure to check out Andi Mack on Fridays at 8:30 p.m. EDT on Disney Channel

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    1. Bowie and Andi bonding for the first time

    Admit it, your jaw dropped when Bex answered the door and it was Bowie! We're glad Andi decided to get to know her father and we loved watched the pair bond and learn all about each other.

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    2. Bowie playing the drums with Andi

    Bowie is a traveling musician, and he shares his passion for music with his daughter by teaching her how to play the bongos. This moment reminded us of all the times our own pops shared their hobbies with us!  

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    3. Bowie coaching Andi's Ultimate team

    Andi loves playing for the Space Otters (especially because she gets to spend time with her crush, Jonah!). When Bowie reveals that he loves Ultimate Frisbee, he decides to introduce himself to Andi's friends and help her team. While this gets on Andi's nerves, we think it's *super* sweet that Bowie wants to be involved and spend time with Andi.

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    4. Bowie surprising Andi at school

    We loved when Bowie surprised Andi at school so they could spend time together. Not only did they get to learn a lot about each other, but Bowie got to film Andi for his vlogs to document their memories.

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    5. Bowie cooking dinner for the whole family

    Bowie showed off his cooking chops by preparing dinner for the family. Even Celia, Andi's grandma, enjoyed Bowie's meal. Talk about a good impression!  

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by Maddie McGee | 6/16/2017
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