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#NewMusicMonday: Majorly missing 1D? We've found the perf band for you

We’re in the dog days of summer and in major need of some new tunes for laying by the pool and hanging with our crew. Luckily, we’ve rounded up tracks by PrettyMuch, Grace VanderWaal, VISTA and Brit Daniels to give your playlists a major pick-me-up. You’ll be jamming to these songs until school starts (uh, sorry for the reminder...)! 

PrettyMuch’s single “Would You Mind”

We’re getting major One Direction vibes from these five sweeties. After all, they were introduced by Simon Cowell, who famously put together 1D! They just dropped their first song “Would You Mind,” and it’s a high-energy track that’s perfect for your next party. If you love this song, get psyched for the upcoming music video! 

VISTA’s Long Live EP

If you’re into electronic music, get ready for VISTA’s second EP Long Live. Comprised of singer Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida, they told GL that they define their sound as "anthem rock," with "pulsing guitars and bass and booming, tribal-sounding drums."

The band found song-writing inspo in current events, and decided to share their feelings through their new music. "I was extremely motivated by current political events when I came down to writing the new EP," says Hope. "I'm a very dark writer, and Long Live allowed me to explore different assets of that, and some super complicated and delicate topics." 

VISTA also finds inspiration in everyday life. "Writing music is pretty much the main thing on my mind," Greg said. "Sometimes random things I see or things I hear people say inspire me to start a song. You'd be surprised how easy general conversation pieces turn to lyrics."

Grace VanderWaal’s video for “Moonlight”

We’ve had “Moonlight” on repeat since its release, and we’re loving the new vid! The song is super upbeat and summery and contrasts awesomely with the video, which shows off a powerful and important message. Grace came up with the video’s concept, which tells the story of how someone changes when they’re going through depression.

Brit Daniels’ “Shadows”

If you’ve just gone through a break up, then you’ll be able to seriously relate to “Shadows.” The song talks about missing someone and thinking of the memories that you used to have together. While “Shadows” sounds like a fun pop song, it also has some rock and EDM elements.

What songs have you been loving lately? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo credit: Instagram, Holly Turner.

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by Maddie McGee | 7/24/2017