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The band you *need* to know: Jule Vera

When vocalist Ansley Newman joined the Vans Warped Tour with her band, Jule Vera, she never thought she'd be mistaken for a roadie. But that's exactly what happened to her this summer during the band's trek on the infamous international tour. "Sometimes they think I’m just the merch girl, which isn't a bad thing, but I'm not," Ansley said when we stopped by the tour last month. "Other times, I’ll be walking behind one of the boys and a security guard will be like, 'Are you with them?' and I’m like ‘Well, yes, but I’ve got my own pass..."

Even though being asked if you're a stage hand is seriously annoying, Ansley didn't let it get her down. In fact, she made a name for herself and Jule Vera, which touts alternative pop-rock, as they played the entirety of the VWT to promote their recently-released album, Waiting on the Sun. If you're unfamilar with this group on the rise, get to know them better below.

They're not new to music
Jule Vera has been together for four years, but the quintent started playing together seven years ago! Needless to say, they've grown a ton since their formation. They've played at crazy cool events like Summerfest, and they're even got a fall tour in the works! Even more exciting? "We’re going to have a music video coming out right before our fall tour, so look out for that!" 

Ansley is *def* BFF material
Even though she's otherworldly talented, Ansley is a super down-to-earth girl. The musician wasn't hesitant to tell us how much she's obssessed with yoga and these fave famle musicians. "I really like Lana Del Rey and Chrissy [Costanza] from Against the Current. Obviously Hayley Williams from Paramore, too," Ansley gushed. "They inspire me to become a better frontwoman."

They hustle *hard*
When she wasn't singing her heart out on stage, she was trying to get people to come listen to JV's tunes at their merch table. Sure, some people weren't about it, but Ansley took it in stride. "It's kind of weird 'cause you're just constantly being rejected, but it doesn't matter in the long run."

They know music inspires major confidence
Performing has taught Ansley a ton about herself. "You learn like so much when you’re on tour," Ansley admits. "Not just about touring but about other people and how to talk to people. It really pushes you out of your comfort zone."

While we wait for that new music, you can watch one of our *fave* Jule Vera music videos RN. Press play below.

Tell us what you think of Jule Vera in the comment section, and check 'em out when they hit the road this fall. More details coming soon.

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by Aly Prouty | 8/11/2017
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