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WATCH: this awesome music video tackles bullying head on

Have you ever experienced bullying in the classroom, outside of school or even online? If you have, you're not alone. That's the message that Caardia wants to spread with their music video for their song "No Breakdowns." 

Caardia is a singing duo comprised of two sisters, Celia, 14, and Annie, 12. Both girls have personal experiences with bullying in their schools and community, so they wanted to channel their music into something many people can relate to.

"Our singing has been bullied, and we have had a lack of support by our peers," Celia said. "But it has never stopped us and we will continue to write songs about issues that impact us."

The video shows the two sisters singing side by side in the streets of Toronto, intermixed of shots with their friends holding cards with quotes that have impacted and inspired the duo. The video aims to show kids of all different ages and nationalities, and show all of these people coming together to stop bullying.

Caardia hopes to reach out to victims of bullying and know that it's okay to open up about their experiences and feelings.

"I hope this causes bully victims to artistically speak up, or in ways that shows who they are with their own talents and gifts," said Annie.

Do you relate to the song, GL girls? What do you think is the best solution for bullying? Let us know! 

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by Linda Horn | 10/29/2017