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EXCLUSIVE: Peep this #relatable clip from Dance Academy: The Comeback

Your favorite dance drama show is back, but this time as a movie! Dance Academy: The Comeback is stretching to the big screen with original cast members Xenia Goodwin, Thomas LaceyKeiynan LonsdaleAlicia BanitDena Kaplan, and Jordan Rodrigues. They're all back for more with this full-length motion picture!

After a career-crippling injury, Tara Webster (Xenia) is not giving up. The movie highlights her move from Sydney, Australia to New York City. She leaves her whole life behind, but traveling to the Big Apple proves difficult after audition rejections leave Tara feeling defeated. Now, she must learn how to look inside herself to find her voice and the strength to continue pursuing her dream. 

While trying to grasp a goal just out of reach, Tara leaves behind Christian Reed, (Jordan) her new ex-boyf. In this exclusive clip, Tara looks back on her past as she travels from New York to Texas to visit Ben Tickle (Thomas), another ex.

Dance Academy: The Comeback premieres tomorrow, Mar. 2, and will also be available on digital and on demand. Check out "The Other Side of the World" before you see it on the big screen!

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by Alyson Trager | 2/28/2018
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