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This is the dynamic Disney Channel trio we didn't know we needed

You're going to see an uber-familiar face on tonight's Bizaardvark!

After a new ep of Stuck in the Middle (8 p.m. EST), Jenna Ortega will hop over to Bizaardvark (8:30 p.m. EST) to hang with Paige (Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (Madison Hu)! In the episode, Jenna plays Izzy, Paige's childhood BFF, who steps in and shakes things up a bit.

TBH, we're living for the Jenna's guest spot! Disney never fails to deliver on the best friend feels. Here's what Jenna, Olivia and Madison had to say about the amaze collab:

On Jenna's guest spot
"The best part of having a guest star is getting to meet new friends. I love 'Stuck in the Middle,' so it was so cool hang out with Jenna!" –Olivia

"Having a guest star on set is always fun. There is a sort of different dynamic between the cast and it's always fun to play around with the scenes and figure out which works best." Madison

On her fave Bizaardvark character
"I can’t say who my favorite is, I know them all! I swear you guys are trying to get me in trouble! (But really, I can't pick a favorite.)" –Jenna

On future guest stars
"I would love to have Yara Shahidi as a guest. She is so inspiring. Working with her would be a dream come true!" –Olivia

"I’m huge fan of [director, actor and screenwriter] Greta Gerwig and it’s my absolute dream to work with her." –Madison

On more crossovers
"If Bizaardvark and Stuck in the Middle did a crossover, I think Paige and Frankie would make a funny music video with the Diaz family. A comedy video with so many kids would be hilarious!" –Olivia

"If Stuck in the Middle and Bizaardvark had a crossover, I feel like Harley would invent something for Paige and Frankie to use during a challenge, like a bike that powers a fully-functional cake maker. It would be fun to see them try to make a cake using this invention!" –Madison

"Oooh, what if Harley came up with this really cool camera that would make awesome videos for Paige and Frankie. It would have lights, a microphone and face filters attached that the girls could use to take their videos to the next level. The girls would want to thank Harley and feature her in one of their videos. Eventually, the Diaz family would want to get involved to become 'famous' and everything would fall apart!" –Jenna

On the best on-set moment
*Spoiler alert!* "Filming the music video for Frankie and Izzy’s song! It was so funny, you’ll have to watch to see what I mean..." –Jenna

"Getting to decorate and eat a giant ice cream sundae!" –Olivia

"We had a gigantic ice cream sundae while filming!" –Madison

On how to deal with feeling like a third wheel
"To anyone feeling like a BFF third-wheel, tell your friends the way you feel. Communication is key, and your problem will be much easier to solve if all parties are aware of it." –Madison

"Maybe hang out with your best friends separately a couple of times so you can work on forming stronger bonds with them. That way when all three of you hang out, you won’t feel as left out because you’ll get along with both of them really well. I’ve been in this situation before, but I didn’t think of this until now. I grew apart from those friends and got back in touch with them later!" –Jenna

Catch this ep of Bizaardvark *tonight* on Disney Channel at 8:30 p.m. EST!

Have you ever felt like a third wheel? How did you deal? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Tony Rivetti


by Sydney Adamson | 3/16/2018
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