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Celebrate National Pet Day with the pets of Andi Mack!

Every day it seems like it's National "Something" Day. There's so much to celebrate! Today is one of those days: National Pet Day. We can't think of a made up holiday *more* worth throwing confetti over than this one. I mean, who *doesn't* love loving their pet?!

We also love seeing other people's pets, like the adorbs cuddly friends that frequent the set of Disney Channel's Andi Mack. 

The cast of the show also has some adorable pets + pet stories! Did you know...

+ Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi Mack) has two cats—Prince Hobo and Jasper—and a dog named Maisy! On how she got one of her pups: "It was Christmas time and the whole family went out to get a Christmas tree. On the way to the tree farm, there was a dog shelter. We weren't planning on getting a dog, but we just wanted to look. We ended up falling in love with a little brown puppy, and before we knew it we walked out of the rescue facility with a St. Bernard puppy!"

+ Lilan Bowden (Bex Mack) has two cats, Doc and Peanut. Fun fact: Lilan adopted her cats *right* after she had gotten the role of Bex and moved to Salt Lake City, where the show is filmed.

+ Sofia Wylie (Buffy Driscoll) has a dog named Baby Violet. "Baby Violet is a teacup Yorkshire, and she is the cutest dog ever!"

+ Asher Angel (Jonah Beck) has two golden doodles, Monet and Harper, and two cats, Mali-blue and Jasper. His fave memory involving his pets? "When my mom flew with me to Las Vegas and surprised me with a new puppy," he says. "What an incredible and memorable adventure!"

Do you have any pets? How are you celebrating National Pety Day? Share in the comments!

Photos: Disney Channel

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by GL | 4/11/2018
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