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9 of the best moments from The Thundermans

The series ends tonight with four amazing episodes. 



Time to say goodbye to our fave super fam! Tonight marks the end of one of the best shows on TV, The Thundermans. Stars of the Nickelodeon show Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo—aka Phoebe and Max—have been mourning the show on Twitter and Instagram and we totally feel those feels.


We're sad to see it go, but we're not crying...yet. First let's celebrate the best moments from the shows 100+ episodes. Just *try* not to laugh at these amaze Thunder-fam moments!


1. When Phoebe tried to track down the school’s prankster, the Rebel Raptor.



2. When Phoebe tried to keep a secret (keyword: tried).


3. When the Max tried to act tough.

4. When Max and Phoebe's friends became friends.

5. Anytime the twins got into trouble.

6. When Max tried to steal Phoebe's diary.

7. When Danger met Thunder.

8. Anytime Max picked on Phoebe.

9. When we got to see Dr. Colosso IRL.

What is your favorite episode or scene of The Thundermans?

Photo credit: Nickelodeon


by Joy Cato | 5/25/2018
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