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LISTEN: "Move Alone" by Caroline Grace is such a jam!

We've got another amazing track for you, GL girls! This one's from the up-and-coming Caroline Grace.

The song, which Caroline wrote with Justin Bieber's frequent collaborator Poo Bear (he helped craft Justin's "Where Are Ü Now" and "What Do You Mean?"), is super close to her heart. 

"It's about being able to stand up for yourself and say, 'I can do this,' whether it's in a relationship or in (business)," Caroline told Billboard. "At the time I wrote it I was in a relationship and felt I needed to step back and have some time on my own to focus on myself. But in the wake of everything that's happened with female empowerment, it feels more like it's about being able to be a young woman moving alone in the music industry."

Press play below, then let us know what you think by tweeting us @girlslifemag!

by GL | 6/22/2018
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