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GL's August/September back-to-school issue stars Annie LeBlanc!

Our August/September 2018 issue starts hitting mailboxes and newsstands on July 18! Here's a peek at what you'll find inside...

EXCLUSIVE! In fall's most darling denim looks and seriously stylish strands (think: blunt-cut pigtails, whispy bangs and a fresh faux bob), YouTuber, actress and singer Annie LeBlanc dishes on all the little secrets you don't know about her: like her *real* first name, getting emosh over her music and so much more. (Spoiler alert: We talk Hayden, hard times and her fantastic fans.)


Clean-up on aisle 10!
Time to stock up on fashion essentials. This year’s shopping list? Pops of color, major metallics and all. the. sneakers. Get the goods, then strut your stuff down every aisle—and school hallway.

Pretty in pink
What’s fierce, femme and ultra trendy? Pink, ofc. Take notes from red carpet queen Zendaya on how to wear the cool-girl color.

Your school shopping list is here...
Snag the *only* seven things you need to look polished and put together...from first period to practice. Now, let’s get dressed!

The time is meow
Calling all cat fiends! Let's take a walk on the wild side—of the runway, that is. There’s no shortage of style in fall's most fabulous and versatile fashion and beauty inspo: kaboodles of kittens.

Your BTS beauty special
Discover your best beauty vibe (take the quiz!) *and* nab all the new-new products (you *haven't* tried these yet!) for the ultimate fall lewk.

Shear strength
Snip snip! All it takes to make a major chop? Major confidence. One GL girl finds strength in her short strands.

Quiz: Are you reading too much into these signs?
Crushing is fun—and it's even better when they’ve got heart eyes, too. But how can you tell if their feels are real? Let’s discuss...

"Summer lovin', had me a blast..."
Just as the Grease song says, summer days are drifting away. Now's the time to either commit to your summer fling...or set 'em free.

Movies + TV + music and more!
Your fall entertainment guide is here! Amandla Stenberg talks diversity and The Darkest Minds, Cozi Zuehlsdorff takes a leap of faith into Freaky Friday and Marcus Scribner gushes over ramen, rap...and the future of Black-ish.

Your school survival guide
You asked, we answered. Here’s everything you need to know about intimidating upperclassmen, terrible teachers, cray-cray classes and more. (You'll want to read this before the first day back to school—trust.)

QUIZ! What’s the mood of your BTS makeover?
There’s no better time than now to wow everyone with an amaze makeover. The only question is...which #newyou should you debut?

Cry, baby.
Is your serial sobbing a setback...or a strength? The truth (and the science) behind your tears.

Stopping school shooting anxiety
Things you deserve: to feel safe, to get an education...and to feel safe while you get an education. *These* are the realities behind the awful headlines.

GL’s ultimate guide to being that girl
You know the gal who has everything together and makes it look like a piece of cake? Here's how to do ~exactly~ that this year.

Bullet journaling 101
Truth: All your meticulous note taking? Those flashcards you fuss over? Actually useless if you’re not uber organized. This darling DIY planner def makes the grade.

Wake up happy!
Good, better, best: Set yourself up for success with these must-try morning moves—plus, the a.m. essential that will have you bounding out of bed.

The gyno guide
You can’t avoid the gynecologist forever. But before you schedule the all-important appointment, here's everything—major and minor—you need to know.

Get *lit* with Chloe Lukasiak
Join Chloe and Girls' Life for a brilliant book club—where we analyze (and obsess over!) one rad read *every* month. Join in when you want, how you want: Follow along online, recruit your crew for IRL events and share your thoughts on social media. Want to join? Go HERE for all the deets!

Life advice from Dear Carol; the health risk infiltrating your school; the amaze supplies you need this semester; 4 easy ways to sweeten up your study space; 10 little reasons we heart school; embarrassing moments that'll make you LOL and *more*. 



Backstage Pass
Boredom = banished! Your guide to all the greatest games and top tomes is right HERE.


Fashion. Fun. Freebies. Music. Makeovers...and so much more! Oh, and did we mention it's all free? And that the concert will be headlined by our cover girl Annie LeBlanc? Get all the deets right HERE.

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Photo credits: August/September cover: Justin Grant. Supermarket fashion editorial: Cade Martin. Cat girl: Sean Scheidt. Amandla Stenberg: Daniel McFadden. Chloe Lukasiak: Sean Scheidt.

by GL | 7/6/2018
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