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14 reasons why you should go see PrettyMuch on the Funktion tour

Oh, hey there. Just a friendly reminder that even though One Direction is long gone, there are plenty of other boy bands to be excited about. There's Why Don't We, New Hope Club, In Real Life, BTS—we could go on. The crop of cute boys we're obsessing over RN? PrettyMuch.  

The boys—Zion, Brandon, Austin, Nick and Edwin—are currently touring around North America on the Funktion Tour and we're not kidding when we say that few things are as fun as seeing these amazing guys live in concert.

Read on for 14 reasons why you should hit up a show ASAP...

1. The amaze harmonies

ICYMI: These boys can sing. If you've listened to, like, any of their songs you already know this. If not, press play above!

2. Austin's dorky-cuteness


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If watching this gangly boy jump across the stage doesn't make you crack a smile, we really don't know what will.

3. Their style is highkey amazing

I mean, they modeled for Puma with the legendary Cara can you be surprised? And no spoilers, but Brandon might wear a bulletproof-style vest, Zion might throw on a throwback boyband tee and Austin might rock a DIY denim jacket. It's all the *most* stylish.

4. The rainbow hair situation is also pretty fantastic


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Austin's hair is pink RN and Edwin's is teal. Who even knows what colors they'll be sporting by the time you catch 'em live?!

5. Brandon's adorableness and his adorable glasses

Seeing him in person is low key devestating.

6. They'll play new songs (!!!)
What's better than an exclusive listen at two new tracks? Nothing, that's what. Learn this lyric to one of the new songs before you go: "You got that sauce, baby, I think that I need it.”

7. Nick's freestyle dance moves

Watching this boy make up moves on the spot to Chris Brown's "Run It" is life changing TBH.

8. Their dancing in general

They have perfected the art of unchoreographed looking choreography and it's pretty mind blowing.

9. Two words: water guns
5 cute boys + 5 water guns + a crowd of adoring fans = so. much. fun.

10. Zion's...everything 

The hair, the grin, the eyes, the voice, the dance moves...yeah, it all just WORKS.

11. You could be serenaded by the boys
Yes, you read that right. The boys throw a bunch of bean bags down on stage and take a seat during "Summer on You." A select few fans get plucked out of the crowd and brought on stage to chill and dance with them. 

12. Edwin's smile


13. They're going to be on One Direction level soon enough
Don't you want to be able to say that you saw them *before* they hit the big time?

14. Just 'cause

Do you really need an excuse to swoon as they dance and sing and smile on stage? Nope!

Click HERE to grab tickets for the rest of the Funktion tour, which runs through Nov. 18.

Photo credit: Alex McDonell, Giphy


by Sydney Adamson | 11/6/2018
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