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Wengie just released a holiday song, and it's the *most* festive

"That the time has come to rock the polyester with the bells on the front!"

We know that Thanksgiving is still a few days away, but we're already bopping around to holiday music here at GLHQ. The track that's on repeat? Wengie's new "Ugly Christmas Sweater." The track, which dropped on Saturday, is so dancey and festive. TBH, if this doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, we don't know what will...

We chatted with the Aussie YouTuber about the amaze song and her own holiday traditions. Read on to get the deets, then listen to (and watch) the song below!

Girls' Life: "Ugly Christmas Sweater" is such a fun track! What's *your* favorite holiday song? 
It would have to be "All I Want for Christmas is You." That song makes me want to get up and dance every time, and admittedly I sing it all year long, not just around Christmas! I think I've probably sang it at least 100 times this year already and it's not even December. But now "Ugly Christmas Sweater" is up there with it. It's such a a fun song and so catchy, I end up having it in my head for days!

GL: What movie do you watch every holiday season?
Wengie: Does Mean Girls count? It has the "Jingle Bell Rock" section in it that I absolutely love and it's definitely a movie I would watch during the holidays! 

GL: That definitely counts! Do you have any great family holiday memories?
I love having BBQs in the park with my family and just enjoying the food and company. It's a very Aussie Christmas since we always celebrate it in the summer, so it has a very different vibe than the traditional, winter-y Christmas.

GL: Do you and your fam have any Christmas traditions?
Wengie: It's just gotta be food and music! Food comes with every tradition for me. I also used to have a bunch of Christmas records and CDs, and I’d look forward to listening to them every year. That's why making Christmas music is so important to me because it has always been a highlight of the holidays.

Listen to the track and watch the music video below!

You can grab Wengie's "Ugly Christmas Sweater" on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play music.


by GL | 11/19/2018