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Everything we learned from our *spa getaway* with Lilimar!

This summer, GL spent seven sun soaked days in Vista, CA at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa with Lilimar Hernandez and her mom, Mayte (check out on our Instagram highlights!). 

Our week was full of fab food, fun fitness classes and *tons* of time at the spa. Sounds awesome, right? It’s called Mom and Teen Week—and it happens every year at Cal-a-Vie. Here's a peek at all the magical moments we had …

Fun (and confidence boosting!) workouts

Every day at Cal-a-Vie started with a sunrise hike...followed by 4 (yes, 4!) fitness classes. Throughout the week we tried tons of different workouts—everything from yoga in the pool to piloxing (yes, that’s pilates *and* boxing all in one). Lilimar loved the unique dance classes—especially Zumba, which left us feeling totally empowered.

Even though the early mornings and stacked schedules seemed a bit exhausting at first, we quickly realized that our busy days left us feeling more energized than ever. One of our best Cal-a-Vie tips? Never be afraid to try something new. Mixing up your fitness routine is one of the keys to avoiding workout burnout.

Healthy food hacks

Our week was filled with the most amazing food prepared each day by Chef Curtis Cooke. We are still dreaming about those Insta-worthy smoothie bowls, out-of-this-world lobster taco bowls and decadent chocolate truffle tea.

In addition to all our yummy lunches on the patio and delightful dinners in the dining room, we headed to the Cal-a-Vie kitchen to learn how to make our own delicious and nutritious meals. In a special demo, Chef Cooke taught us how to make colorful meals with healthy ingredients. Check out his recipe for broccoli soup here (spoiler alert: it's addicting).

Spa dayz

Afternoons at Cal-a-Vie are filled with spa sessions like massages, wraps, facials, manis, pedis and more. Oh, and how could we forget about that life-changing scalp treatment!? Our hair has never looked so shiny.

Nothing can beat the amazing treatments we got at Cal-a-Vie, but check out these DIY face masks that will keep your skin looking bright (even when you can’t make it to the spa).

Mindful meditation

After a few workout classes and some time at the spa, we headed to the stunning chapel for an hour of yoga and meditation (check out these meditation videos you can do at home!). 

In yoga class, we learned calming poses and breathing exercises that help you recharge when you’re feeling run down (and promises, they really help with back-to-school stress). After our week at Cal-a-Vie, we feel like real yogis. Chakras = balanced. 

Bonding with the OG bestie

There's nothing better than a week spent with your favorite girl (aka Mom, obvi) and that is exactly what Mom and Teen week is all about. At Cal-a-Vie, we shared tons of experiences that we will never forget. Before heading back to our villa each night to catch up on our zzz’s, we always left time for some *major* mom bonding. Whether it was sipping tea by the fire (*so* many late night chats) or LOL’ing during game night, we shared a ton of experiences that we will never forget. So here’s your reminder to give your mom a big thank you, because she’s a true bestie.

Strong is beautiful

Knowing how to stay safe is so important. In our self-defense class taught by Tracie Arlington, owner of Play It Safe Defense, we sharpened our street smarts—and even mastered a few easy self-defense tricks (we're no dummies!). In just 1 hour, we learned dozens of moves focused on training and empowering girls to stand up to bullies. Check out some of Tracy’s simple moves here.

Major matcha moments

Cal-A-Vie isn't just about spa time (though we loved it!) and workouts (we loved those, too!). There are tons of cool activities and fun new things to try. We always made time in our busy schedule to check out the chocolate tastings, jewelry making and all the other fun activities Cal-a-Vie had to offer.

We even got to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, where we learned how to make the *perfect* cup of matcha. Fun fact: Did you know that matcha tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee but way healthier ingredients? We also learned that adding this superfood to almost any recipe (check out a few here!) is a great way to add vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to your body.

So. Much. Swag.

After each day of working out, multiple spa seshs and lazing by the pool, we went back to our rooms to find a special delivery, filled with tons of glam goodies. Take a look at all the amazing brands below and enter to win this stash of self-care essentials here...

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Our week was amazing—and went by way too fast! We're already dreaming about next summer. Want to join us? Visit now to reserve your spot for Mom and Teen Week 2020!

by Emily Mullin | 7/8/2019