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Check out the new issue of Girls' Life starring Ruby Rose Turner!

Our October/November 2019 issue starts hitting mailboxes and newsstands on September 17! Here's a peek at what you'll find inside our fall issue...

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Ruby Rose Turner plays way outgoing, super spunky Cami on Disney Channel's Coop & Cami Ask the World (catch season two when it premieres Saturday, Oct. 5). But behind the scenes? She confesses, "I'm a weirdo... but the coolest weirdo you'll ever meet." 


Mountain majesty
Take your style to new heights. From florals to flannel, we've got the rugged inspiration your closet needs. 

Cast a spell
With Sabrina as inspo, you could fill an entire spellbook with *amazing* autumn beauty vibes. We've got dark lippies, spiced-up sparkles and highlighter that'll give you a moonlit glow all day (and night). 

Ghosted? Here's what to do
In honor of spooky season, we're solving your *toughest* crush dilemmas. From the cutie who's vanished to a zoned-out zombie who can't stop checking their phone, we've got tips on how to deal when bae turns into a beast.

Your friendship survival guide
It's 2019, and some friendship rules are tried-and-true (um, don't gossip about your BFF). But some are due for an upgrade, like how it's a good thing to ask for help, and the not-so-awk way to bond on social. We've got *everything* you need to know about finding a squad—and keeping them close.

Does #NoFilter exist anymore?
In the age of FaceTune, influencers and Insta "reality," it's easy to feel down when you look at your feed. We've solved why the bare-all hashtag can make us feel so bad... and how to retrain our brains to see past perfection.

Bad days, busted
We've all been there—from the moment your alarm clock rings, *nothing* seems to be going right. From the minor mishaps to the absolutely awful, we've got tricks to beat those tough feelings. You're going to make it through, trust.

It's time for a room refresh
Change your space, change your life. Whether you want to get more organized, switch up your aeshetic or add more personality to your room, we have the secrets to a chic space.

Get smarter—without studying
Use our grade-A strategies to boost your brain—no textbook required! 

QUIZ: Are you two secretly a couple?
You send "good morning" texts, finish each other's sentences and cheer each other up when you're down. Does that make you a couple—or just close friends? Take the quiz to find out if it's meant to be.

Make your dreams a reality
Ever heard of #futureboarding? It's the feel-good, dream-big strategy you *need* to try. Bring on the happy vibes, babe—you got this!

Everything you need to see, read and listen to this fall 
Arica Himmel talks all about her new sitcom Mixed-ish—and how it feels to be the voice of a generation. Ava Michelle opens up about her Netflix movie Tall Girl and how she developed self-confidence. Plus: Kylie Cantrall, Grace VanderWaal, Zoe Valentine, Chicken Girls and more!

 In this issue, you'll also find... 

🍎Is food your frenemy?
Many of us have complicated feelings about food. Enter intuitive eating: how to use your gut to gauge what you're *really* hungry for.

😴Bad dreams, decoded
Nightmares keeping you up? Find out what's behind those fearful fantasies—then banish them.

💋Flirting mantras for shy girls
Don't let your quiet vibe stop you from finding love. We've got ideas on *everything* you should say to your crush to break the ice. 

🍂The snuggle is real
The best part of fall fashion? Comfy, cozy garb that keeps you warm *and* stylish. Check out these lewks, from teddy bear jackets to dreamy denim.

💇Hair hacks
Try a Blair Waldorf-inspired headband, glamorous waves or slicked-back tresses: Whether you're headed to the hallway or homecoming, we've got tips to keep your strands on point. Plus, All That's Gabrielle Nevaeh Green on embracing her natural curls.

*All* the fun and freebies
We know which scent you should rock based on your zodiac sign
How one GL girl handled her OCD and anxiety
+ Awkward moments from Team Kaylie star Bryana Salaz
Dear Carol advises on how to handle bullying 
...and more!



Celebrate October with *tons* of amazing autumn reads. No matter your fave genre, there's a perfect pick for you in this bunch—we've got magical mysteries, fabulous fantasies, stunning sci-fi and brand-new novels.

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Photo credits: October/November cover (Ruby Rose Turner): Sean Scheidt. Mountain Majesty: MANICPROJECT. Arica Himmel: Zoe Himmel.

by GL | 8/27/2019