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Meet the amaze Instagrammers inspiring us to reach for the sky

When it comes to Instagram, there are *so* many places to shine. Gain the confidence and courage to go after your dreams, just like these fab girls, who are harnessing social media as they shoot for the stars—and Reach for the Skai

From brilliant #bookstagrammers to dazzling dancers, get to know the girls lighting up our Insta feeds with their drive, talent and dedication. 


Rising star: From singing to acting to making viral YouTube vids, Sophie is working hard to live her dreams. Her future wish? To go on a world tour someday. 
#InstaLove: "My supporters and fan pages on Instagram mean the world to me—every photo they repost, all the loving comments and amazing edits. It's the best part of my day." 
Advice for others: "Believe in yourself, block the negativity and work hard!" 


Shining star: You may recognize GiaNina from her role as Amanda Thripp in Broadway's Matilda, Nickelodeon's Lip Sync Battle Shorties or Season 8 of Dance Moms.
Dream big: "One thing that I would like to accomplish someday is to star on a sitcom and venture into more feature films." 
Inspiring advice: "Always stay true to who you are, believe that you are good enough, never give up and always stay fierce." 


Social butterfly: Paris loves using her Instagram to meet different people all around the world. 
Keep it chill: "I would wear my hair up in a clean bun every single day for the rest of my life." 
Aspire to inspire: "My advice for reaching for your dreams is to never give up, keep striving and believe in yourself." 


#Bookstagrammer: Ally's always had a passion for books, and had just started photography as a hobby when she was inspired by a friend to start her #bookstagram account
Inspiring words: "Go after your dreams with all of your heart! Trying something new or putting yourself out of your comfort zone might be frightening, but reaching for your dreams is always worth the experience in the end." 
Fun Fact: Ally has two miniature dachshunds named Bugsy and Capone. So cute! 


Literary leader: Gabi isn't only known for her fantastic #bookstagram—she's also a photographer, blogger and founder of an in-person and digital book club called the Literary League!
#Wanderlust: Besides reading, Gabi has a love for travel, and often documents her adventures for her blog and social media. 
Aesthetic goals: We can't help but obsess over Gabi's perfectly posed Insta pics—featuring her fave reads alongside scenic views, cups of coffee and delish breakfasts.


Dancing queen: Kamryn is a competitive dancer trained in every genre.. She also loves tumbling, singing, creating art, playing Roblox, working on YouTube videos and spending time with friends and family. 
#InstaStar: Kamryn's favorite thing about Instagram? "That I get to keep in touch with all the friends I have made from all over the world. I also love that I have a space to share my style, interests and the things I'm passionate about."
Future goals: "One day I would love to be a professional dancer and choreographer. I would love to be on So You Think You Can Dance!" 


Feeling the love: The best part of Jessica's #bookstagram? The welcoming community she's found, where she gets to connect with like-minded bibliophiles she wouldn't have met IRL. 
Future goals: Jessica is a writer and book blogger who is currently studying public relations. Her goals: To write a novel and one day work in publishing. 
Words of wisdom: "Make time for your dreams and start now. I think everyone has huge dreams—the difference between the people who accomplish them and those who don't is the amount of work they put in. Break down your bigger goals into smaller tasks that can be accomplished, and start with those. You have to start somewhere."  


Getting started: Bree was inspired to start her #bookstagram after watching literary YouTube vids for over five years and finding an amaze social media community. 
Future author: "I would like to finish writing a novel. That has been my ultimate dream for years now, and I hope that one day I can accomplish it."
Fun fact: "I eat far too much cheesecake, and when I'm not reading, I can be found watching reruns of old movies and TV shows!" 


Book blogger: Sam uses her #bookstagram to discuss her fave reads, from fantasy to sci-fi and more. When she's not reading, you can find her with her cats, baking cookies or chilling with her fam. 
Motivating mantra: "It's cliché, but don't give up. If you really want something, you'll find a way to reach the next step, even if it's one step forward and two steps backwards. Eventually, you'll get to the top of the stairs." 
Role model: "I love Nancy Drew. She was my gateway book into reading. I love the books, the shows, the computer games, everything! She's a timeless classic. I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today without her." 

What brings this crew together? They're *loving* Skai Jackson's empowering memoir, Reach for the Skai—it's all about discovering who you are, going after your goals, saying no to haters and making friends and memories along the way. Check out Reach for the Skai today and find the inspo you need to dream big! 

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Photo credit: Top image: Sophie Michelle by  GiaNina Paolantonio: James Cook Photography. Paris Moore: Morrisette Photography. Sophie Michelle: Kamryn Webb: Viktoria Skrypnyk. Gabi: Kelsey Butcher.

by Katherine Hammer | 11/7/2019