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WATCH: Our top 5 Grammy moments

We told you to get excited...and the stars delivered at the 2020 Grammy Awards! The night was a somber one, as many of the presenters and performers were still reeling from the news of Kobe and Gigi Bryant's deaths, but host Alicia Keys paid a beautiful tribute and reminded us that music is what connects us and pulls us through tough times. 

Here are five moments that we'll be talking about all week:

1. BTS joins Lil Nas X on stage for "Old Town Road":

The song of the year got a performance worthy of all the accolades with a little help from BTS, Mason Ramsey and Diplo. BRB, rewinding the vid a million times to take in all the cute dance moves!

2. BTS open up on the red carpet

After being snubbed for their music this year, we weren't sure if BTS were going to be ultra available on the red carpet, but the group proved that they're game for anything for their BTS Army. They were honest as ever, joked about their budding relationship with Ariana Grande and teased their next chapter.

3. Camila Cabello sings "First Man" to her dad

Tissues, please! This tune about telling your dad that you're in love but assuring him that he's still #1 hit home, especially since Camila had home videos of her and her dad playing throughout. Camila's pops, Alejandro, couldn't keep it together, and neither could we (or Gwen Stefani for that matter!). 

4. Demi Lovato belts out a powerful ballad

Demi's always been capable of delivering goosebumps, and her emotional rendition of "Anyone" was no exception. She recently opened up that she penned the ballad just before overdosing in 2018, and the soulful lyrics are a reminder of that dark time in her life. "I almost listen back and hear these lyrics as a cry for help,” she said. “You kind of listen back to it and you kind of think, how did nobody listen to this song and think, ‘Let’s help this girl.’ I even think that I was recording it in a state of mind where I felt like I was okay, but clearly I wasn’t. And I even listened back to it and I’m like, ‘Gosh, I wish I could go back in time and help that version of myself.'”

5. Ariana Grande reminds us why she's pop royalty

With five nominations, Ariana Grande is obviously at the top of her game—and she proved that with a hits-packed performance. Starting off with "Imagine," sprinkling in a little "7 Rings" and finishing up with "Thank U Next" kept us wanting more Ari, as usual! 

What was your favorite 2020 Grammy moment? Let us know in the comments!


by Jacqueline F. | 1/26/2020