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Our April/May 2020 issue is in mailboxes and on newsstands on March 17! Here's a peek at what you'll find inside our spring issue...

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She may have won America's Got Talent and Billboard's Women in Music Rising Star Award, but Grace VanderWaal is just getting started—and still figuring it out. The 16-year-old actress and singer opens up about her new movie Stargirl (which starts streaming on Disney+ on March 13), what's next for her music and how she envisions her life in the future (hint: it's v. relatable). 


It's the spring beauty issue
Our second annual spring beauty issue is all about finding what makes you happy. Maybe you'll look to the stars to find a new scent. Or you'll tap into your truth like Nikki Lilly and start your own trailblazing channel. As for us? We'll be tucking in for a Friday night facial, to mask and meditate. How very refreshing.

Spring fashion: Wear what you love
These spring trends are so standout you'll need sunnies. Wake up your wardrobe with a wash of color, a splash of stripes and shorts! 

Our guide to going official (Step 1: Keep it fun!) 
You and your crush have DTR'ed and you're officially a thing. Congrats! what? Don't freak out. Whether this is your first boyfriend/girlfriend or your fifth, we've got the ultimate guide to making the flirtationship-to-relationship transition super smooth. 

QUIZ! Are you a good friend?
Every girl needs a bevy of besties: Sunny Serena had bossy Blair, artsy Aria had straight-laced Spencer and your BFFs have...well, you. But what *exactly* is your status in your squad? Take the quiz to find out. 

Your spring beauty must-haves, astro edition
Our latest beauty faves were picked by the planets. We won't tell if you decide to go by your main sign *and* your rising sign, stargirl. 

The hair trends that will be *everywhere* this season
Fall into a winter hair rut? Mix things up with a fresh style inspired by the spring runways. From sleek strands to vintage volume, you're sure to find the *perfect* lewk to rock this spring.

"So inspiring": Real girls saving the planet
Like many of us, Andrea Manning, 20, found it challenging to relate to the environmental issues she heard about on the news. But once she learned that the first to feel the effects are places like her own community, she committed herself to educating people of *all* ages and backgrounds. Here's her story—and how to do your part in the fight against climate change.

Period food is a thing. You're welcome.
OK, we get it. Getting your period isn't always a picnic. But what if you could make that time of the month less intense, just by tweaking what you eat? Say goodbye to PMS with these foods packing your plate. 

Our guilt-free guide to...the end
Because rejection hurts—even when you're the one dishing it out. Whether you need to ditch a bud, a bae or a babysitting gig, here's your step-by-step to a speedy exit off any route that's going awry.

Quiz: What's your perfect summer hustle?
With unemployment at record lows (and teens working less and less), there's never been a better time to rake in the bucks, babe. Find out which gig to go for (and how to score it, stat)...

Does your crush actually like someone else?
Time to face the facts: You have a crush. Now the question is whether they like you back—or if they could be crushing on someone else (gah). Decoding that can be super tricky, so we're here to help. 

Everything you need to see, read and listen to this season
Jace Chapman opens up about his role on Netflix's The Healing Powers of Dude, plus his offscreen passion for mountain climbing. Millicent Simmonds talks A Quiet Place 2—how she's changing the narrative by showing deaf characters using their differences as strengths. Plus: Niall Horan, Harry Styles, BTS and more! 

 In this issue, you'll also find... 

😍Reclaiming my beauty
Nikki Lilly, 15, was in first grade when she received an earth-shattering diagnosis. Here's how she wound up finding happiness—and over a million new friends—where she least expected it.

💚It's easy being green
Fact: Plastic kills 100 million animals per year. And if that doesn't get you to start reusing and reducing, we don't know what will. That's why we've got 20 easy ways to go more sustainable—right now.

💪Yes, you *can* get fit
We understand that working out can be intimidating. The key is simply maintaining a well-rounded routine (that you actually enjoy) to improve your speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. To help you, we've crafted six mini-challenges that'll help you become faster and stronger. Ready? Go!

💗How to get the sex and body info you deserve
In classrooms across the country, facts about sex are being distorted. We've got five apps that'll give you the accurate answers you need about everything. 

🛀What's your perfect Friday night facial?
Pull you hair into a topknot and get ready to glow! Whether you're settling in for movie night with your mom or getting ready for the spring fling with your girls, follow these steps to find your best DIY treatment.

💃3 outright lies (and 2 total truths) movies told us about prom
When Hollywood tells stories about high school, there's a very good chance that prom will be involved. Unfortunately, as anyone who has been to an *actual* school dance knows, filmmakers rarely get prom right. Here are three lies the movies told us—and two things they totally nailed. 

*All* the fun and freebies
The newbie's guide to...blush 
+ "What my mother's mental illness taught me"
Why April 4 could change your life forever (and other predictions from the stars) 
+ Awkward moments from The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia star Paulina Chávez 
Dear Carol advises on BFF envy
...and more!



Curl up in any spring rainstorm (or, TBH, sunny day) with these fabulous reads. From magical mysteries to riveting romances, you won't want to put *any* of these books down.

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Website mentions in APRIL/MAY 2020...
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Photo credits: April/May Cover (Grace VanderWaal): Johanna Siring. Beauty Issue: Fashion: Sean Scheidt. Hair trends: Jace Chapman: Sierra Spaulding. 

by GL | 3/8/2020